A checklist of things to do before you travel to America
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Pre-Flight Checklist

A checklist of things to do before you travel to America

Pre-flight Checklist

Before heading out to Summer Camp in America, there are a few things you’ll need to do to make your life a whole lot easier.


Get Prepping and Packing

Whether you’ve been placed at Summer Camp yet or not, you absolutely need to get yourself prepared and packed early.

You could be bagging a job any day now, and some people are asked to jump on a plane the day after getting an offer!

If you’re prepared and ready, it’ll help get rid of the stress of a late placement.

If you need help deciding what to pack, take a look at our Summer Camp Packing List.


A Full Body MOT

America doesn’t have the same medical system we do, so double-check that you’re insured for the whole time you’re in America.

Before you fly out, book a doctor’s appointment. Whether you need a quick check-up or you need to make sure you have plenty of medication for your time at camp, book in as soon as you can.

A visit to your dentist should be on your to-do list too. Dental problems can be painful as well as pricey, so avoid any nasty payouts by making sure your gnashers are in working order!


Get your Hair Done

Whether that is just a fresh cut or a new colour, you’ll feel better knowing you don’t need to worry about it when you’re at Summer Camp.



It’s important to let your bank know you’ll be living and working in America for a few months so they’re aware of your whereabouts. It’s just to make sure they don’t block your card while you’re out there!

You’ll need to sort out how you’ll access your cash in the US. Will you go for a currency card or is cash for you?



You’ll have already bagged your visa and completed your profile, references, medical form, and police check. If you haven’t, these need to be the first things on your checklist!

Make sure you’ve got copies of your flight info, passport, and camp details. You’ll need multiple to be safe in all scenarios.

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