Discover more about our upcoming J1 Job Fair at the Aviva Stadium!
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Ireland’s Largest J1 Job Fair

Discover more about our upcoming J1 Job Fair at the Aviva Stadium!

Discover your Summer Placement at our J1 Job Fair!

Join us for Ireland’s largest J1 Job Fair at the Aviva Stadium in Dublin, Ireland! We’ll have a great selection of Camps hiring from 12pm-3pm on the 26th of January 2020. All you need to do to attend is be a USA Summer Camp applicant and click attending over on your profile. Importantly, don’t forget to click attending over on our Facebook event. Here you can keep up with our top tips, any changes to the day as well as what to expect at our USA Summer Camp Job Fair!

Our USA Summer Camp Job Fair is your chance to speak to Camp Directors and get hired on the spot. In addition, you’ll be able to ask any questions you may have about their camp, the summer camp experience and what you can expect when working that particular role.

Make sure to keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram accounts where we’ll release more information about the camps and what skills they’ll be hiring for. If you need any more information you can always send us an email at, contact us on our social media or give the office a call on 0121 411 9165.

What to Bring on the Day

To attend our USA Summer Camp Job Fair in Dublin you will have needed to of paid your £25 commitment fee to gain entry. You can do this before you arrive by calling the office or logging onto your profile. Alternatively, you can always arrive on the day and pay with one of our helpful USA Summer Camp team members.

If you haven’t started your application just yet, you can find out more about the application process here.

We advise you to have completed your USA Summer Camp application before you attend the Job Fair. Along with this, you’ll need a few printed copies to pass to the different Camps. However, if you don’t have this it’s not a dealbreaker. You will still be able to interview with camps.

  • A printed copy of your application – you can find this on your Footprints account. If you are having trouble, contact the office and we’ll be able to help you out
  • If you have a skill you would like to show off, bring any necessary equipment! This could be your art portfolio, any videos you have (you might want to bring a laptop/tablet) or a prop such as juggling balls!
  • A bottle of water is always useful! Make sure to stay hydrated on the day as you will most likely be doing a lot of talking


What to Expect at our J1 Job Fair

At our USA Summer Camp Job Fair, you can expect to meet and talk to Camp Directors. There may even be Camp Staff with them who you will be able to ask more questions about what the Summer Camp experience is like at their camp! You’ll be able to interview with Camps and discuss why you would be a great fit at their camp.

Moreover, our USA Summer Camp team will be available on the day as well to talk you through the experience and in addition, answer any questions you have about your application.

There’ll be a whole host of amazing camps from American and Canada available to talk to on the day which means you could be walking out with your dream summer job!

What Camps will be there?

We will have camps from both America and Canada in attendance at our USA Summer Camp Job Fair! This is Ireland’s largest J1 Job Fair and it’s a great way to secure your summer placement. Check out the camps that will be at the Aviva Stadium and make sure to do your research on potential camps to interview with on the day.