Love the Silver Screen? Check out America's Famous Film Locations
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Famous Film Locations in America

Love the Silver Screen? Check out America's Famous Film Locations

Famous Film Locations in America

If you love the silver screen, you might want to check out these famous film locations in America. After camp ends, you’ll have 30 days to explore America, and these sites should be on your list!

The US has been the setting for lots of iconic films over the years. Did you know these were set in America? From city streets to motels, parks to bridges, iconic buildings to the Grand Canyon… they’ve all been in films.

We’ve chosen our favourite film locations in America that you should visit after camp ends!


Forest Gump

Forest Gump is an absolute classic of a film. Surely you’ve seen it? You’ve seen it. Right? Ever wanted to sit on the bench where Forest talks about life and how it’s like a box of chocolates?

It was filmed on the north side of the Chippewa Square, Savannah. The bench is no longer there though! If you still want to see it, head to the nearby Savannah History Museum on Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.



A lot of the filming locations for Ted are in and around Boston, Massachusetts. You can actually walk up the street and past the family home of young John on Albemarie Road. The house that belongs to grown-up John and his girlfriend Lori is at 65 Chandler Street, at the corner of St Charles. If you want to be a part of an iconic scene, have drinks at the Gaslight Brasserie at 560 Harrison Avenue.

That’s the place of the double date scene between John, Lori, Ted, and Tami-Lynne that goes horribly wrong.


Sex and the City

Carrie Bradshaw’s apartment is of course not a real East 73rd Street. Instead, you can see the famous apartment steps and leafy green street in Greenwich Village, at 66 Perry Street.

The area itself looks like it could be the inspiration for Carrie’s lifestyle and look!


School of Rock

The Jack Black film has its ‘Battle of the Band’ scene at Union County Arts Center, Irving Street, New Jersey. St George Theatre on 31 Hyatt Street was also used for the gig itself. It was originally built as a cinema house. The theatre is one of Staten Island’s most well-known spaces and was restored in 2004 with 2,800 seats.



You’re already singing the theme tune, aren’t you? If not, you probably are now. Sorry! If you’re in Philadelphia, you have to run up the steps that Rocky trains on! Head to the Philadelphia Museum of Art on Benjamin Franklin Parkway and you’ll find them. There are a massive 68 steps to climb before you reach the top. The view’s worth the climb though!


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