Fees & Payments

Do I have to pay to go to Summer Camp?

Summer Camp will be the best summer of your life, but like any experience abroad, there are fees to pay.

The full costs of going to Summer Camp in America can be found on our pricing page.

When’s the first instalment due?

The first instalment of your fees – £100 – is due within 7 days of paying your deposit.

We automatically take the £100 payment from the card used to pay your £49 deposit. Please ensure you have the cardholder’s permission.

The remainder of your fees will be processed each month, on dates arranged with you to break down the fees.

What are the 3rd Party Fees?

These are fees that are out of our control but vital for your summer placement. All of these fees are listed on our pricing page. These include items such as your police background check and U.S Embassy visa interview. These are essential to getting to America for the summer!

Is there an application fee?

Once you apply, one of our team will give you a call within 24 hours to have a chat through how the Summer Camp program works and they’ll also get you talking about your skills and experience.

When you’re happy to go ahead, you can pay a £49 deposit to secure your place for the Summer.

What are the payment methods?

As with all good businesses in this era paying online is the popular way to pay. We accept all major credit and debit cards.  We also accept apple pay.  All payments are taken through our Secure Trading platform, meaning it’s completely safe and secure.

How much will I get paid?

We are really proud to offer you the lowest fees possible for the best summer wage for your time at camp. You will earn more in America by going with USA Summer Camp. On average, you earn more than $150 with us! We have a full breakdown of what you will earn, based on your age and skills in our Program Agreement.

Are Summer Camp fees refundable?

As laid out in the Program Agreement that Summer Camp participants sign when they join the program, fees are non-refundable.

If you’re unable to go to Summer Camp for the year that you’ve paid for, give the office a call and explain the situation. Depending on the circumstances, we’ll be able to roll your fees over to the following summer.

There’s more information about our refund policy within our program agreement.

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