Flights & Camp Placement

How does the placement process work?

Once you’ve finished work on your online profile, and met one of our National Support Team who’ll help you improve it, we’ll make all the information visible to all of the 600+ Summer Camps in America that we work with.

From there, Camps looking for people with the skills you’ve highlighted will put you on review (which is a bit like a shortlist) and reach out to offer you a Skype interview. There’s more information about that the interview’s like below.

If all goes well with the interview, the camp will ‘confirm’ you, which is them offering you a job. You’re officially going to Summer Camp!

How long does it take to get placed?

There’s no size fits all answer to this question, because the time it takes to get placed at a Summer Camp in America is different for everyone.

It all depends on how early you applied, the information you’ve put on your application profile, if you’ve uploaded a video, and if all your documents have been uploaded.

Coming along to one of our Job Fairs is one of the best ways to get hired because the turn around can be as little as 24 hours!

There’s more information about Placement Fairs on our Summer Camp Events page here.

How does the interview work?

Summer Camps will want to get to know you and find out more about your skills before offering you a job working with them. Just like getting a job at home, they’ll want to interview you.

The interviews will often be via Skype and will be a chance for you to talk about yourself, about camp and why you want to be an amazing summer camp staff member!

The interview will also be a good chance to ask the camp more questions about how they work.

I’ve been placed. What happens next?

That’s great news – you’re another step closer to working at Summer Camp in America this summer!

We’ve put together a blog post which walks you through the next steps you’ll need to take. You can have a read through the blog post here.

Who books my flights to America?

Who books your flights depends on which pricing option you chose during the application process. You won’t need to worry about booking flights until you’ve been placed by a camp and got your visa approved.

If you went for the ‘own flights’ option, then you need to book your own flights and upload the itinerary to your USA Summer Camp profile.

If you chose the ‘flights included’ option, then we’ll book your flights for you and send you the itinerary. You’ll be able to select your preferred UK departure airport (subject to a surcharge) and we’ll be able to book flights on your behalf. Flights from London and back from New York are included in this package.

Can I change my flights?

Maybe, but it depends! If you want to make changes to your flights, give the office a call on 0121 411 9165 and one of the team will have a look through everything for you.

What happens if my flight is delayed or cancelled?

Flight delays aren’t fun, but they do sometimes happen.

If your flight is delayed by 90 minutes or more from your departure airport, make sure you give us a call on 0121 411 9165 and let us know what’s happened. If it’s outside office hours, drop us an email or message on Facebook.

If your flight arrives late – even if it took off on time – give camp a call as soon as you can. They might already know about the delay and have ‘Plan B’ in place, but if not, you can get everything worked out.

If your flight is cancelled, please let us know right away. Even though the airline will usually put you on the next available flight, you need to call our 24-hour emergency phone number which is available on your account.

What’s my luggage allowance?

Your luggage allowance will vary depending on which airline you’re flying with.

Information about your luggage allowance will be on your flight itinerary, but if it’s not, check your airline’s website for more details.

Can I book a one-way ticket?

No! You must book a return ticket which clearly shows you will be entering and exiting the country.


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