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With your Summers free from College/University you’ll be looking at what to do, or what jobs to get.

We think summer camp is a productive way to earn some extra cash, use the opportunity to travel, to make new friends and gain invaluable work experience during your summer break.  It’s a great way to enhance your CV and gain some valuable life skills, living and working away from home in a different country.

While working at summer camp isn’t exclusive for students, the best time to go to camp is often during or just after University.  Student summer camp jobs go hand-in-hand with the long summer break.

Your summer job, SORTED, at a camp exploring the United States or Canada!

Improved CV

As one of the best student summer camp jobs, at USA Summer Camp you’ll gain work experience abroad the safe way.

When people work abroad at a Summer Camp, away from home for the summer it’s seen as a valuable life skill and an incredible thing to put on your CV.

Work as a Camp Counselor in America where  you’ll earn money, meet new people and you can travel for up to 30 days in America.   Then add it to your CV.

Student Job

This is one of the best student jobs and student travel opportunities you can do.

Camp typically lasts from 9 to 12 weeks. As a student, you often have the freedom of a long summer break. This gives you plenty of extra time for earning some cash.

After your year of studies you deserve a break.  Summer camp allows you the exciting opportunity of earning money while getting to explore all the exciting activities camp has to offer.

Student Travel

We’ve got an incredible customer service team to help you get the summer of your dreams.

This is an incredible student travel opportunity, time to let your hair down and experience the fun of one of America’s famous summer camps.

With plenty of leadership opportunities, the chance to make new friends, see new places and have a breather for the summer.  It’s the best possible way to bring home some lifelong memories.


Build Your CV while having fun!

Level up that CV while enjoying the best summer job abroad.

Your unforgettable summer doesn’t have to break the bank. For the price of a return flight, you get a WHOLE summer at camp! That’s your summer camp placement, food and accommodation. Alongside this, your medical insurance is also covered, your J1 visa sponsorship and 24-hour support while at camp.

Students that Go Abroad get Better Jobs.

According to Bournemouth University, UUKi and Gone International: Mobility Works. 

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