Camp Counselor Jobs in America!

As a Summer Camp Counselor, you’ll have one of the most important jobs at camp. You’ll be in charge of making sure the campers have the BEST summer! Working abroad as a camp counselor means being a role model to the kids, leading campers around their scheduled activities all whilst having the experience of a lifetime.

All you need is a “give it a go” attitude and the ability to offer encouragement and support to the children.  Sound like you?  Then we think you’re the perfect fit when you apply for a job abroad as one of our summer camp counselors.


We work with over 700 summer camps all across the USA. They have unbelievable facilities and traditions.

You could be spending your summer working in New York, Washington, Boston or California and using your days off to explore nearby cities.

With four weeks at the end of camp to travel around America, there’s so much to see and do.


Camp Counselors get free food, drink and accommodation at camp, as well as a camp salary.

You’ll earn a minimum of $900 for the summer, depending on the flight package you choose and your age.  You can discover more about pricing, flight options and wages here.

You can use your salary to travel after camp, have fun on your days off or go shopping at the mall!


Your accommodation is free and provided by camp.

Most traditional camps will be on-site cabins where you will bunk with your campers and your fellow counselors.  There are rustic camps where you live in tents, or some day camps where you’d stay in college style dorms.

This’ll be your home from home this summer and gives you the classic summer camp experience.


What type of Summer Camp Counselor Jobs are available?

General Counselor Jobs:

These are the most common at camp. They don’t require any qualifications, you just get to enjoy all the activities at camp.  You’ll be helping a group of campers learn new skills and overcome challenges. That means you may even learn a thing or two yourself! Camp counselors can get involved with lots of different camp activities while leading their campers. This could include sports such as:

Being a camp counselor is all about having a fun and rewarding summer experience.

What does a typical day look like working as a camp counselor abroad for the summer?

Working as a Camp Counselor is non-stop fun! You and your campers will create amazing memories together throughout the summer. Not only will you have the chance to experience the very best camp has to offer but you’ll also experience amazing day trips. From theme parks to days at the beach, no day at the camp is ever the same!

typical day at camp might involve:

  • Getting up bright and early in the morning
  • Joining your campers for breakfast and flag raising
  • The first activity of the day
  • Lunch at mid-day
  • Your next activity sessions
  • Free period
  • Dinner time
  • Scheduled evening activities eg. traditional campfire, films, theatre, camp awards.

Remember, working as a camp counselor abroar with USA Summer Camp isn’t all work! You’ll be spending plenty of time around the campfire and enjoying traditional camp food. You can expect days off in the week where you will be able to explore the local area or even do a day trip a little further out of town.

We have Thousands of Camp Counselor Jobs Available

Be part of the summer camp team and make a difference this summer. Working as a camp counselor is so fulfilling that our participants return to camp year after year. It’s not just another job.

Apply today for a camp counselor job abroad today!.

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This is a role catered for people who don’t necessarily have qualifications or certificates. As a camp counselor using your communications skills is key as you will be interacting with both adults and children. Most of the time, you’ll be assisting specialist activity leaders who deliver fun sessions to the campers and getting to play all day.

If you’re qualified in a particular area or have relevant experience, check out our Specialist/Advanced Skills role.

All you need is to be 18 by the 1st of June, available for 9 weeks over the summer and a clean criminal record!

J1 Visa

In order for you to work at a summer camp in America, you’ll need a J-1 visa. We’ve partnered with a J-1 Visa sponsor designated by the US Department of State to provide applicants with the required paperwork. Find out more information on obtaining your J-1 visa here.

Once you finish work at the camp, you get to stay in the USA for an extra 30 days, which you can use for travelling, shopping or events.

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