Special Needs Summer Camps offer a life-changing experience
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Special Needs Summer Camp

Special Needs Summer Camps offer a life-changing experience

What’s a Special Needs Summer Camp?

A Special Needs Summer Camp caters to children and adults who have extra support needs.

Campers take part in lots of fun camp activities in an environment that has all the resources they need to live, learn, and play.

Working at a special needs focused camp will guarantee a rewarding and fun summer!

Typical Day at a Special Needs Summer Camp

Every single day at camp will be different, but you’ll be making a massive difference in the lives of the campers.

There will be lots of different activities on offer, including swimming, arts and crafts, sports, and so much more!

Camp Counselors will lead activity sessions and will also work one-on-one with campers.

Activities will focus less on competition and more on making sure everyone’s involved and having fun.

Most Special Needs Summer Camps are sleep-away, which means campers will sleep in cabins with multiple Counselors.

Life at camp isn’t all work though! There will be plenty of opportunities to make friends, play games, and have fun!

Do I need to be qualified?

You don’t need to have any prior experience of working with people with special needs.  If you do this really helps, but the main thing is to have the commitment, enjoyment and enthusiasm to work here.

As well as general Camp Counselor training, you’ll also get extra training to understand camper’s needs.

Working at a special needs focused Summer Camp is the most rewarding summer job abroad you could possibly imagine.

You’ll make a massive difference to the camper’s lives and help them have a really enjoyable summer too.

Apply for Summer Camp

Applying for Summer Camp will help get the ball rolling on the best summer of your life.

The most rewarding and most enjoyable job abroad is waiting for you. What’re you waiting for?

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