The Most Popular Job at Camp!
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Summer Camp Counselor

The Most Popular Job at Camp!

Why you should become a camp counselor!

As a Summer Camp Counselor, you’ll have one of the most important jobs at camp. You’ll be in charge of making sure the campers have the BEST summer!


Camp Counselor job description

Being a camp counselor is all about having a fun and rewarding summer experience. You’ll be helping a group of campers learn new skills and overcome challenges. That means you may even learn a thing or two yourself!


You’ll get involved in lots of your favourite camp activities. This will include taking the children around camp to different activities throughout the day, such as hockey, climbing or visiting the camp beach.


As a camp counselor, you will look after a group of campers and become a role model for them. You’ll be making sure they get the best out of their camp experience and create amazing memories.


On your typical day at camp you’ll be up in the morning with the children for breakfast and flag raising, then supervise them until evening activities are completed (for overnight camps).


Summer camp isn’t all work! You’ll be spending plenty of time around the campfire and enjoying traditional camp food. The ultimate environment where you can let yourself go, lead songs and chants, and of course make sure your team wins the Colour War!


Camp Locations

We work with over 700 summer camps in the USA, so your placement is based on the skills you’ve highlighted on your application and how well they match camp requirements. Our camps are based across America (with 60% of them being on the East Coast), so you could be working in New York, Washington, Boston, California and many more amazing locations!



The salary for this role depends on your age, flight option and skill level.

Find more about camp wages here.


Where would you stay?

Accommodation is provided on-site. This means that you’ll be based in cabins on camp, along with the campers. Don’t worry, there will be other camp counselors in the cabin with you, who’ll become your new best bunk pals!


Are there any requirements?

Camp Counselor Qualifications

This is a role catered for people who don’t necessarily have qualifications or certificates. We will help train and prepare you for the role before you even leave. Since the role entails working with children, using your communication skills to teach them what you know is key. Most of the time, you’ll be assisting specialist activity leaders who deliver fun sessions to the campers and getting to play all day.  So for one session, you could be playing soccer in the field, then you could move onto a bit of wakeboarding on the lake, followed by the climbing/ropes area.


If you’re qualified in a particular area or have relevant experience, check out our Specialist/Advanced Skills role.


J-1 Visa

In order for you to work at a summer camp in America, you’ll need a J-1 visa. We’ve partnered with a J-1 Visa sponsor designated by the US Department of State to provide applicants with the required paperwork. Find out more information on obtaining your J-1 visa here.


Once you finish work at the camp, you get to stay in the USA for an extra 30 days, which you can use for travelling, shopping or events!

Learn more about how to apply, or simply begin your application now!