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Work as a Summer Camp Counselor at Camp in America
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Summer Camp Counselor

Work as a Summer Camp Counselor at Camp in America

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What’s a Summer Camp Counselor?

As a Summer Camp Counselor, you’ll have one of the most important jobs at camp.

You’ll be getting involved in lots of different Summer Camp activities and being paid to have fun!

Counselors look after a group of campers and become an older brother or sister to them for the summer.

You’ll be making sure they get the best out of their camp experience, and so it’s hugely rewarding.

Typical Day for a Summer Camp Counselor

A typical day for a Camp Counselor will see you getting involved in sports, arts and crafts, and lots more.

You’ll be helping specialist activity leaders deliver fun sessions to the campers and getting to play all day!

The days are pretty full on, but you’ll be helping campers learn new skills and overcome challenges.

That means your days will be massively rewarding. Is there a better way to spend a summer?

Camp isn’t all work though. You’ll spend plenty of time around camp fire and enjoying traditional camp food!

Become a Summer Camp Counselor

If you’re passionate about sports, the arts, or working with children, you’ll fit right in with camp.

Whatever your hobbies, interests, and experience, there’s a perfect job for you at Summer Camp.

Most people heading to camp work as a Camp Counselor, but some people are hired as a Specialist Camp Counselor.

Specialists are hired based on their qualifications in a specific activity area and their experience leading events.

Apply to Work at Summer Camp

If you’re up for the best summer if your life, then why not apply to work at Summer Camp?

You won’t find another summer job abroad that’ll come anywhere near to life at camp!

We’ve helped more than 40,000 people become a Summer Camp Counselor. Are you next?