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Why You Should Travel With Contiki After Camp

5th August 2019  |  Blog,Travel America

Not Sure What To Do After Camp? There are 52 states in America, spanning 3.8 square miles. Each state has its own individual charm as well as being packed full of a multitude of different Cities, Towns and new experiences. Deciding where you are going to go and what to see after camp can get overwhelming. For example, planning your travel after camp can end up leaving you with option overload.   Why You Should Travel With Contiki After Camp We have recently partnered up with Contiki to bring you a selection of amazing trips and tours all across America. Take the pressure off and spend your summer enjoying your travels. Make every moment count and experience your dream trip your way. For instance, Contiki allows you to add exciting options into your trip in addition to your included experiences. With an expert Trip Manager leading your way, you’re in safe hands. Here’s why you should travel with Contiki after camp!   One Great Package When you have selected your amazing trip all you now need to do is pay and go. Yes, it’s that simple! All your travel for the trip, accommodation and experiences are rolled into one great package. Dependent on your trip, you’ll even find some of your meals included too.  Exploring America and sourcing your own travel and accommodation can become quite costly. In addition, researching exactly where you want to go and booking onto these experiences can make the pennies stack up pretty quickly. Trying to get all this sorted while at camp can leave you with booking exhaustion. A reason why you should book with Contiki is that this is all sorted for you. What more could you need?   Make Friends Along The Way Much like Camp, a trip with Contiki will see you making friends for life. You might find yourself left with nobody wanting to go where you would like to travel after camp. Similarly, there might only be two of you who want to travel to a certain place. With Contiki, you’ll have the safety and the comradery of being part of a group. Furthermore, the age of Contiki travellers ranges from 18 to 35 meaning you’ll be surrounded by people your own age. As well as the average age of Contiki travellers being 26, 55% are solo travellers. So, don’t be worried if you’re heading out on your own!   Unique Experiences Prepare for your Bucket List to be looking pretty empty after a Contiki Trip! All of the must-see and do places will be included in your itinerary as well as some unique hidden spots. With tours including hot-spot locations such as Yosemite National Park and Route 66, you’ll have the opportunity to see Americas best locations. Your experience, your way. From LA to Canada, wherever you go after camp is up to you. Contiki is perfect for making the most out of your travel.   If you’re looking to explore more this summer, check out the amazing trips offered by Contiki! Save 10% on all full-price trips* and make the most of your travels! Save 10% With Code PPUSASUMMERCAMP10 *Applicable on trips 7 days or more. Discounts apply to the land portion of your trip price only. Combinable with loyalty discount only. Discounts are subject to change.  £60 deposit, freedom guarantee, hold tours on option for up to 7 days, balance due to Contiki 45 days before departure.  

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The Ins and Outs of How to Travel Around America

14th August 2019  |  Blog,Travel America

The Best Way to Travel Around America? You get 30 days of travel after America and the freedom to go where ever you, but you have one problem. How are you going to get around? With 52 States and a lot of miles in between, getting from a to b can present a few challenges. Worry not as there are plenty of travel options that can help get take you from camp to wherever you want to be! Moreover, there are also great travel packages from our amazing partners over at Contiki and TrekAmerica. They can sort out your travelling needs as well as your accommodation. Score!   Megabus You might already be familiar with Megabus, particularly if you are a seasoned traveller. With low-cost bus tickets to over 100 cities, it’s worth checking to see if Megabus can get you where you need. Either way, a quick look at the tickets could enlighten you to explore somewhere new for a low-cost price! Some tickets can start as low as $1! In all, the best way to travel around America is sometimes the cheapest and with Megabus, you get just that. Metro It’s worth checking whether the city you are in has a metro system. Similar to the tube, the metro can get you around the city very quickly which is often the best way to get around America! New York City is well known for its Subway and there are a handful of other cities that also have similar transportation systems. There are also handy apps as well as Google Maps that can guide you on which line to get for when you are navigating yourself around.   Greyhound With low fares and a selection of direct routes, Greyhound can help you with your travel around America. There are hundreds of direct routes meaning you get exactly where you need to go. A bus ride across America will take a fair few hours but with free Wi-Fi and individual power outlets on every bus, a few Netflix episodes will help pass the time! Be inspired to explore more places and save money while you do it!   Get Lifts off America Friends At Summer Camp, you’re bound to make friends for life. Some of these friends will even have cars! It’s worth checking to see if they are travelling after camp and whether you can hitch a ride with them. A road trip with friends is one of the best ways to explore America. If you need more info on planning a summer camp road trip, we have a handy blog post to help you out.   TrekAmerica We are lucky to be partnered with great travel brands that can help you explore more. In addition, they can help with how to travel America while making more of your budget. TrekAmerica offers more than 50 unique trips. With a pre-planned trip, you’ll be with an experienced tour guide who can show you the best of what America has to offer. Also, with TrekAmerica your travel and accommodation are included, rolling your trip into one convenient package! Find out more about travelling with TrekAmerica here.   Contiki Another great brand we have partnered with is Contiki. Each trip is packed full of must-do experiences as well as your transport being covered door to door. An expert Trip Manager guides your trip from start to finish, allowing you to explore the best America has to offer.  With the option to include add-ons with your trip, it’s your travel your way. Make the most of America’s National parks or perhaps see the Golden Gate Bridge. With Contiki, there’s so much to explore. Find out more here.  

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Capturing the Perfect Shot While at Camp

21st August 2019  |  Blog,Camp Life,Travel America

Capturing the perfect shot while at camp often comes naturally during your stay. However, sometimes you need a little inspiration and a few tips! Make sure to check out our yearly photo competition to be in with the chance of winning some great prizes after camp. Whether you’re a total beginner or you have mastered the art of photography, you’re bound to get some creative shots. Likewise, you don’t need to shell out on any fancy camera equipment. Your phone will do fine! Check out our 2019 Photo Competition here! Lights, Camera, Action! Capturing the perfect shot often comes at moments you least expect. In other words, don’t force the moment. Forget having fancy lighting and photography equipment, the magic of camp is in the unexpected. Phone cameras can work wonders nowadays and are sometimes even better than a fancy DSLR. If you can’t have your phone on you while working at camp, there’s still plenty of opportunities while travelling as well as on your days off.   The More the Merrier You’ve met some great people while on your travels. More importantly, you might want to record your memories with them. A group shot together always brings the memories flooding back. Moreover, you might also want to recreate the shot at your camps reunion! You’ll find that the people make the place and you’ll want to be able to put faces to your memorable summer. A fun group snap at the Golden Gate Bridge or gathered around your camp sign will be a memory you will treasure forever. In addition, you can save on your travelling with Contiki or TrekAmerica!   A Photo Finish While at camp there’ll be a whole summer jam-packed of different sports events. From Color War to Camp Olympics, you’ll be representing and competing as a team. You’ll find these events truly capture camps spirit and there’s no better time to snap a shot. You might be covered head to toe in paint and this will be a memory you’ll want to remember! Whether your team won or lost, there won’t be many opportunities to take a picture of a shower of powdered paint back at home.   Here’s to Adventure After Summer Camp comes to an end, you have 30 days of travel time to explore. You don’t have to use the whole 30 days but a good week or two allows you time to travel. You might be the outdoorsy kind and hitting up Americas National Parks. Alternatively, you might be more into your theme parks and heading straight to Florida. You’ll be able to capture some great shots of the outdoors and sometimes even the indoors! There are loads of discoveries to be made while travelling so make sure to capture your best moments.   Order Up Do you even have Instagram if you’re not taking a quick pick when you get your meal? While travelling, you’ll discover amazing eateries, food stalls and markets. A cheeky pic with your snack is a great way to document the tasty treats you picked up while in America and will look great on your Insta feed. The food you’ll get while in the states is on another level and you’re going to want to remember the time you ate a burger sandwiched between two doughnuts!  

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How to Travel on a Budget After Camp

6th November 2019  |  Blog,Travel America,Uncategorised

Working out how to travel on a budget after camp can be quite the task. After camp, you want your earnings to stretch as far as possible. Budgeting your money doesn’t mean you have to skimp on your travel experience. Read on to discover more on how to travel on a budget!   Travel on a Budget After Camp as a Group Travelling as a group is not for everyone. However, avoiding going solo means that there are more people to spread the cost. Figuring out how to budget while you travel can be a lot easier with a group’s combined brainpower! Perhaps someone knows a great deal or a cheap place to stay. You might even get money off as part of a group discount when booking accommodation or tours. As well as activities and places to stay, if you decide to go down the Airbnb route, cooking as a group will save you money on eating out. A little compromise when travelling with friends goes a long way which could save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. Be flexible with your travel group and your travel budget is bound to go further!   Make Friends with an American! While there is a lot of international staff at camp there are also a whole heap of American staff! You’ll be making friends left right and centre. While it can be comforting to make friends from home don’t neglect the opportunity to expand your friendship group beyond your own shores. Who best to show you the hidden hot spots than someone who is from that place? In addition, you could even be offered to stay at their home. There’s not much better for your budget than FREE!   Deals, Deals, Deals Before and during camp, keep an eye out for any travel deals you can cash in on. We offer discounts on amazing travel packages with Contiki and TrekAmerica. If you’re a student, you may want to see if you can bag student discount on your travel or accommodation too. Alongside this, any food vouchers you pick up on the way will also be useful! If you plan on visiting any theme parks, make sure to check online to see if a combined ticket will save you money. You might also get a great deal to enter more than one theme park!   Get the Bus Save money on both your longer and shorter journeys by utilising public transport. Flights and trains can eat up a lot of your budget and you’d be surprised how much money you can save by getting the bus or using the metro. In addition, Uber’s will VERY quickly add up and leave a burning hole in your pocket. In some cities, you may also be able to get a group travel ticket on some modes of transport which will save you additional spends.   Where are you sleeping? Hotels can very often be the biggest expense of your trip. Yes, some sites can give you the best deals on hotels but have you thought of alternative accommodation? The word ‘hostels’ can bring up thoughts of dark, dingy and dirty spaces but you’d be very surprised at how they have changed. Do your research and check out hostels in the locations you will be staying. The majority of hostels we have come across while on our travels after camp has been modern spaces with a surprising amount of privacy. If you’re staying in a larger group you can also book out a whole dorm in most hostels meaning it would be just you and your friends. Hostelworld is a great database of hostels all across the world with user reviews! If hostels are 100% not your thing, check out Airbnb. Often cheaper than a hotel and you can choose whether to rent out the whole space or just a room. Your host may even be able to suggest some great places to visit while you are passing by.  

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Our 2019 Photo Competition Favourites

8th November 2019  |  Before Camp,Blog,Camp Life,Travel America

Each year, USA Summer Camp holds a photo competition searching for that perfect photo that represents how amazing summer in America really is. Whether it’s images from travel or camp, we get hundreds of photos rolling in with spectacular scenery photographs of the Grand Canyon to 1000000 images capturing the beautiful camp sunsets. Trust us, after seeing all the pictures of our applicants having the time of their lives, it made every person in the office this summer get extreme Summer Camp FOMO. It was HORRIBLE, but we fought on and after some hard consideration, we picked our favourite photographs and the winners! The Final Three In 3rd place – Molly Nelson! In 2nd place – Bethan Mccormick! z And finally… The winner of the 2019 Photo Competition – Mary Mccarthy!  The 2019 Shortlist   We want to say thank you to everyone who took part and entered their photos. Each image was amazing and reminded us how fun, impactful and important Summer Camp is. That’s why we do what we do. USA Summer Camp can’t wait to send even more people to camp in the upcoming years! Interested in heading out to camp yourself next summer?Apply here now!

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The Best Travel Instagram Accounts To Follow

4th December 2019  |  Blog,Travel America

Need Some Travel Inspiration? Every corner on Instagram, there’s travel videos and photos covering the feeds of fond travellers, who all wish they were the ones jetting off to a new country. We have to admit, we do get extreme FOMO, but there’s nothing better than diving deep into the pages and pages of pictures, inspiring the inner explorer to come alight and start planning the next trip away. While scrolling through the hundreds of traveller Instagram accounts, we discovered some accounts that we just had to share with you. If you need some travel inspiration for your 30 days of travel after camp, check out our top 11 best travel Instagram accounts you should follow. @TheBlondeabroad     Kiki aka @Theblondeabroad is inspirational for female solo travellers all around the world. She has been to over 70 countries and is still making it her mission to see and explore more of the world we live in. Her feed is inspirational and makes us proud to be strong women! Make sure to check out her blog website which is jam-packed full of tips and tricks on solo travel and travel guides. @Oneworldjustgo     Tanya’s feed is just wow. The bright colours and unique images capture the beauty in the world. From the US, Marrakesh, Europe and Thailand, Tanya has had her fair share of trips. If you want your Instagram to look like as good as all of these travel bloggers, check out Tanya’s photographs to get inspired. @Muradosmann     Murad’s feed is a work of art. Pictures are vibrant, powerful and nothing like we have seen ever before. To confirm how amazing his work is, he has been awarded the title ‘Influencer of the year’ and became one of the Top 3 Travel Influencers by Forbes. Pretty impressive, right? From exploring NYC to a helicopter ride over the Hollywood sign, Murad has taken some amazing photos from his time in the states. @Funforlouis     Louis has 1.2 million followers on Instagram and is known for his crazy adventures. (Louis and his team brought a little propeller plane to travel around the world!) He travelled across parts of the states and Mexico in a school bus, documenting his journey. If you want some ideas on where to go on your 30 days of travel, check out his Instagram feed and youtube videos. @Doyoutravel     Jack Morris and his girlfriend have been jumping from destination to destination. They capture each country beautifully to keep their followers up to date on their adventures. If you need some help editing your photos, both Jack and his girlfriend give tutorials on how they get their photos looking amazing. @Girlgoneabroad     Lauren aka Girlgoneabroad quit her 9-5 job and jetted off to get her travel fix. She has taught in Thailand, hopped over to Europe and travelled ever since. Her photos from the US are a little different from the typical National Park picture or Hollywood sign shot. Her unique photographs capture a different side to America that you might not have seen previously. @The_globbers     Luca and Ale are travel couple goals! Every time one of their photographs pop up onto our feed, we can’t help but wish we were anywhere but in the UK. The couple has explored California and New York in their trips to the states. Make sure to check out their NYC highlights. It has great ideas of where to go when you go to New York this summer! @Thewayfaress     If you want to travel to Disneyland when in the US, check out Alexandra’s Instagram feed. She spent a couple of days travel exploring Disneyland, New York and the National Parks in the US. Her feed is truly magical and if you’re a true Disney fan, this is one of the best travel Instagram accounts for you. @Backpackersglobe     This is definitely one of the best travel Instagram accounts to follow. If you love nature and tropical vibes, you have to check out @Backpackersglobe. Their Instagram is filled with breathtaking images of the landscapes and wildlife around the US, Canada and Indonesia. One of our favourite pictures from their trip to Hawaii! @Passportinonehand     We can’t lie. After seeing Laura’s Instagram, We all are currently wishing we were road tripping down route 66. From LA to New Orleans, Laura and Nicolas have mastered travelling in the US and have some great destinations for you to put on your list. @Tiffpenguin     If you love scrolling through hundreds of pictures of landscapes and scenery, follow @Tiffpenguin! Her feed captures the magnificent panorama around the globe. She is also based in Los Angeles!   So, there you have it. That’s out top 11 travel Instagram accounts to inspire and motivate you to go explore and push yourself further. If you like what you saw and can’t wait to get out to the states, start your application to head out to Summer Camp here!

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Travelling with TrekAmerica is Best for Your Budget!

15th May 2019  |  Blog,Travel America

Worried About Budgeting for Your Travels? Are you going Travelling with TrekAmerica or going to be travelling solo for your 30 days of travel after camp? So many factors come into play when trying to figure out what to do for your adventure after camp. Budget, transportation, accommodation and so much more is needed to be taken into consideration. This is why TrekAmerica is here to save the day. Find out below how you can take the stress out of planning for adventure and how to save some cash at the same time! Accommodation First things first, you’ll need to work out where you’re going to stay. A lot of travellers will opt for finding and booking their accommodation as they go. Whilst this gives you the freedom to stay in places for as long as you want, there are problems with this method. Places get booked up fast, especially in peak season in the city centres or popular destinations. You might find that you have to go further out of town to find accommodation or pay much more than you should to stay in the centre of the action. It can be more expensive to rent rooms on your own and good campgrounds can be hard to find if you’re not sure what to look for. When travelling with TrekAmerica, you’ll never find yourself without somewhere to stay or panic booking an expensive last minute hotel. All accommodation is paid for and pre-booked in advance. There is a mixture of hotels, hostels and camping, so you’ll be in the thick of the action, camping right on the doorstep on some of the most incredible destinations in North America. We’ve spent years building great relationships with the accommodations that we use – so you’ll find is pretty difficult to get better rates than ours! Group Deals Travelling as a group in America is definitely cheaper than doing it on your own. Group discounts are offered in restaurants, for events and on a wide range of activities. Most major attractions in the USA will offer discounts to groups. You should really try and make the most of this, otherwise, you’ll find your ‘activities budget’ will spiral out of control before you know it! Transport The most important thing to understand when you’re booking transport is the sheer size of the USA. It’s BIG, and you need to factor this into your travel plans. Public transport can seem like the most obvious option when you’re on a budget. However, this isn’t necessarily the case. If you’re not careful, it can end up costing you the most. Bus routes and train lines often won’t take you all the way into national parks and rural attractions. You’ll end up having to buy expensive taxis or tour buses to get to your planned location. Hiring a car is another option, but make sure you know the rules in America. You’ll need to be over 21, and you’ll also have to factor in car insurance and petrol. When you’re covering such massive distances, this adds up pretty fast. Driving can also get lonely and quite tiring out there on your own, so why not make life easier and let someone else take the wheel so you can save money! TrekAmerica trips have the transportation sorted! Our small minibuses can get to the amazing and secret spots that the bigger coach tours can’t reach and you don’t have the hassle that comes with your own car or public transport. All transport is included when travelling with TrekAmerica!   Budgeting Stress and FOMO Planning your budget on the road and the stress that comes with it can be a major hold back for some travellers. The last thing you want to do is waste half a day of your precious trip planning out how to stretch your last dollars. Unexpected costs can creep up on you when you’re travelling. It’s important to be prepared and plan ahead, just in case! Knowing you’ve paid for things in advance takes the stress out of travelling and leaves space for you to get off the beaten path and have an epic adventure. Trek trips include national park entry fees, food, accommodation and travel, as well as some super awesome activities. So, you can just sit back and relax! Food Cooking for yourself without your usual kitchen favourites around can be slightly challenging, especially when you’re on a budget. Eating every meal in a restaurant can drain your money pretty fast. Campsites can be limited to cooking equipment as well as making cooking your own meals slightly more difficult! TrekAmerica camping trips work on a ‘food kitty’ basis. This is where you all contribute $10 a day and then cook up something awesome together around the campfire. This spreads the cost of meals where breakfast and lunch are also covered! In hostels and hotels, you can choose where to eat, but remember there is power in numbers, so eating out as a group may work better for your budget… The Locals Know Best Don’t fall for the tourist traps – and be careful of the ones cleverly disguised as amazing deals! Locals can see a tourist coming from a mile off.  Bear in mind the prices here will be wacked up beyond belief in busy touristy areas! Your money will get you much further if you’ve got insider knowledge and know where to go. Where better to get this info than our TrekAmerica guides? They’re packed to the brim with knowledge, and can let you know which restaurants will offer you the greatest deals, which place will give you a perfect view of the Grand Canyon, and where to go to find the best music in the Deep South. Local knowledge beats anything you can pay for or find in a guidebook. After all, no one knows a place better than someone who lives there! Travelling on your own in an amazing experience, and can be truly liberating when you have nothing […]

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9 American Foods You Have to Try When Travelling

22nd February 2019  |  Blog,Travel America

9 American Foods You Have to Try When Travelling With your 30 days of travel after camp, it’s the perfect time to experience the real culture of America and get a good taste of the famous American foods available. Get stuck into the traditional bagels of New York, dive into the barbecues of Texas, and try an In-N-Out burger. Let’s introduce you to the food in America. Ready to get started? Here are nine American foods you have to try when travelling the States. Chicago: Pizza If you’re a pizza lover, (who isn’t?) you have to visit Chicago! Chicago Style Pizza is a deep dish pizza with a thick base. Filled with cheese, meat, vegetables, and sauce. It really is the king of pizzas. With over 9,000 pizza places in Chicago, you’ll be spoilt with choice. New York: Bagels The different type of bagels in New York is CRAZY! From classic bagels to rainbow coloured cragels, there’s so many to choose from. Filled with smoked salmon, bacon, cream cheese, egg, avocado and so much more. While you’re in New York, get ready for bagels in the morning, lunch, and dessert. You just won’t ever get enough! California: In-N-Out This is one of the best fast food restaurants out there (trust us!). The first restaurant opened was in Baldwin Park California and has been expanding around the southwest of America ever since. You can even have a burger with a whopping four beef patties and four slices of American cheese. They’re only in Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Texas, Oregon and California so make sure to make a pit stop to one of these restaurants on your travels. We’re so ready for the challenge. Are you? Philadelphia: Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich Philadelphia’s iconic sandwich, the Philly Cheese Steak. This sandwich has no limits and ALWAYS tastes best in Philadelphia. It’s bursting with onions, peppers, mushrooms, steak and cheese. It really is as good as it looks and you’ll fall in love after the first bite. Texas: Barbecues If you’re all about meaty barbecues, Texas is the place to go and dine like a true Texan. With hundreds of restaurants full of chicken, briskets, steaks and more, you’ll need to get your eating pants on and get ready to eat like a king! New Orleans: Po’Boys The Po’Boy is known for being New Orlean’s most famous sandwich. The Po’Boy is made on New Orleans French bread, stuffed with fresh gulf seafood, smoked pork, meatballs, lettuce and mayonnaise. This bad boy can be filled with pretty much anything. Anybody else super hungry?! Iowa: Sloppy Joes You’ve probably already heard of the famous Sloppy Joes. Being one of the most famous American foods, you just have to try it once on your travels. Sloppy Joe’s are created with ground beef on a bun, filled with mustard, pickles, onions and tomato sauce. It really is a State Fair favourite. Minnesota: Corn Dogs A Corn dog is made of sausage covered in Cornmeal batter which is then deep fried to get it’s texture.This classic American food is also known as the Corny Dog and was first created at a Texas State Fair. You’ll either love or hate them, there’s no in between! Camp: S’mores While you’re at camp, it’s pretty certain that you’ll try a traditional S’more. It’s a very popular treat with in America and Canada and is made with a toasted marshmallow, a layer of chocolate between two Graham Crackers. Fun fact, the first S’more was made by a group of Girl Scouts! Interested in spending your summer experiencing all the amazing things America has to offer? Apply here!

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National Parks in America You Have to Explore

20th March 2019  |  Blog,Travel America

Fancy Exploring the National Parks in America on Your Travels? National parks in America. If these aren’t on your bucket list already, they sure will be after reading this blog. America is home to some of the most beautiful national parks in the world. From a range of mountains, beaches, and deserts, it’s impossible to get bored while exploring these unique gems. There are 58 national parks in America for you to explore, but here are some of our favourites that we think you need to visit on your travels after camp. Grand Canyon Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you should have heard of the famous American landmark, the Grand Canyon. This wonder is around 277 miles in length and stretches 18 miles across which is crazy. There are loads of different things to do at the national park from hikes, train rides, rafting, helicopter rides and so much more. It honestly is amazing and something you can’t miss out on when in America. Your Insta feed will look AWESOME after this trip too.   Yellowstone National Park This national park is actually in three states of America covering Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho! As Yellowstone is actually an active supervolcano, (Whattttt!?) one of the main sites of the park is the Geyer Basins. One of the most famous springs on Yellowstone is the Grand Prismatic spring. It’s one of the largest and deepest springs in the world. It shines with all different colours of orange, yellow, green and blue which makes it even more special. Another area to check out is the Hayden Valley. Here’s where you will really get to experience American wildlife. Bison, grizzly bears, and wolves stroll around the park so make sure you keep an eye out for these when exploring the park. Where else can you come face to face with a real-life grizzly bear!? Yosemite National Park Yosemite is one of our all-time favourite national parks in America. This beauty is in California and around two hours away from San Francisco. Filled with loads of different paths to hike and waterfalls, there’s so much for you to see and explore. If you’re ready for an adventure, you can kayak, rock climb, bike and horse ride all around the park. How exciting is that!? You won’t believe it’s real until you have seen it yourself. Photos just don’t do it justice. Joshua Tree This park is a little different to the rest of the national parks out there. Joshua Tree is based in California like Yosemite. Fun fact, many American Car TV Commercials have been filmed here which is pretty cool. There are all different types of trails and hikes to explore like Cholla Cactus Garden, Barker Dam Nature Trail, and Hidden Valley Nature Trail. Make sure to check the trail’s difficulty and length before setting off. Some can be around a mile long and can need you to climb up the mountains. There’s limited water on the hikes so do pack up on water and sunscreen! Again, you’ll get amazing photos for your Insta feed. Bryce Canyon Hoodoo’s made out of the water, ice, and gravity fill the Bryce Canyon. It’s definitely a place to put on your bucket list. The Bryce Canyon is surrounded by red, orange, white rocks which are really unique to the other national parks in America. Even though it is a desert, there are over 400 plant species all over the park to see. This is the place to do some sightseeing, but if that’s not your cup of tea, you can bike, hike, horse ride and tour around the landmark. Top tip, go when the sun is setting to get the most stunning views. If you’re near Utah, you have to visit this place. Makes you want to see America now, right? Apply here to get your adventure to Summer Camp and the national parks now!

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My American Road Trip Experience

15th January 2020  |  Blog,Travel America

My American Road Trip Experience Last summer, Jack brought his Summer Camp experience to an end with a classic American road trip. Taking in 14 different stops, he used up his 30 days of free travel time after his camp contract ended. In today’s Blog, Jack talks us through his American road trip experience… Exploring America with a Road Trip One of the great things about working at Summer Camp is the time you get to explore afterwards. No matter what camp you go to there will be staff who are planning trips across the States. People will also be planning to head to Mexico or Canada too, so you won’t be short of options. If you don’t want to plan your own trip, use a company called Trek America to help! My Summer Road Trip For my trip, I hired out a car with some friends that I met at Summer Camp. Starting in the town of Stroudsburg we set off for New York before heading south to take in the Miami sun. Over the next 3 weeks, we made our way down the east coast before hitting the deep south of New Orleans. I kept a road map of our trip in my diary, so I have something to look back on. My Favourite Memory There’s something you must do on any post-camp trip: grab tickets for a football game! We were lucky enough to see the Dallas Cowboys take on the Carolina Panthers, in what was a really impressive stadium. Although tickets are pretty expensive at about $160, it’s a once in a lifetime experience I can’t recommend it enough! Why You Should go to Summer Camp Before my road trip, I spent the summer working at an awesome camp. If you want to challenge yourself, make new friends, and get to experience US culture, then camp is for you. Not all Summer Camps are sports-focused. There are camps that focus on arts, crafts, and so, so much more. The application process was really easy and USA Summer Camp couldn’t have been more helpful!

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