Climbing Instructor Jobs at Summer Camp

Are you...

  • 18+ by June 1st
  • Available for 9 weeks
  • Up for the ultimate summer?

Do you...

  • Know your way around ropes
  • Have experience with climbing equipment
  • Want to work on the Ropes Department at camp

Ready to...

  • Spend your summer in America
  • Travel to NY, LA and more
  • Gain valuable climbing experience for your CV


Teach Climbing at Summer Camp in America!

If you’re adventurous and want to work as a climbing instructor at summer camp in America, then step this way! A climbing instructor’s job is all about helping children learn new skills and overcoming any fears while they have fun. Whether you’re into climbing walls, high ropes or low ropes; this is the perfect camp job for you.

Get paid to spend your day at the climbing wall, ensuring your campers safety and instructing them on the ins and outs of climbing. You’ll be in charge of teaching campers how to climb, zip wire and even use Tarzan swings as a climbing instructor at summer camp!

Go All The Way To The Top

As a climbing instructor at summer camp, you’ll be doing a really rewarding job and you’ll have an amazing summer watching your campers have an amazing time.

It’s not essential to have any qualifications to be a climbing instructor at summer camp, but it does help! If you love the outdoors and have a CWAA or SPA Award, this could help with your application.

Just because you’re on the climbing wall doesn’t mean you won’t join the rest of what camp has to offer. You’ll also live with the children in most cases with other Camp Counselors and will enjoy all the evening activities, skits, dances and songs! You’ll spend time around the campfire tucking into s’mores, shooting 3 pointers, kayaking, ultimate frisbee and much much more.

Be a part of summer camp today, apply to work on the climbing department.

Climbing at Camp

“At camp, I taught low and high ropes and when I returned for my 2nd summer I took on the climbing wall as well. These were fantastic activities to teach at camp and it was so rewarding seeing campers conquer their fears! At camp, we had plenty for the thrill-seekers including a low ropes course with lots of obstacles and team-building activities,  as well as a double-sided climbing wall.” – Glen Conbeer, Camp Lincoln 

high ropes jobs at summer camp


Climbing Instructors who hold a CWAA or SPA will earn a minimum of $2,000 for the summer!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a Climbing Qualification?

No you don’t.  Climbing qualifications are really handy to have, but if you have a passion and experience with climbing and are really interested in spending your summer working in the climbing centre then this is the right job for you.  Camp often trains staff up, so you’d gain a camp qualification in your training week.

I already hold a qualification, is this ok?

Incredible! You’d be a superstar/specialist/star/in high demand!  Camp’s love people who are highly skilled and can lead skill area’s so you’ll be hot property! Apply today!

What does the job involve?

Your at camp and camp is much more than just one department. As a Camp Counselor you’re involved in 24 hour fun, well apart from when you’re sleeping!

There are free periods, colour wars, time out, songs, games, camp olympics and much more. But when that isnt going on for 3-4 of the 6 sessions a day, you’ll have groupes of different skilled children coming to your department to climb.  There’s high ropes, low ropes, climbing walls, everything you’d expect and more.

How can I start my application?

Really Easy, click this link, or hit the green apply button at the top of the page. Register your details, and we’ll do the rest. You’ve got one foot on the plane!

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