Outdoor Adventure and Hiking

Are you...

  • 18+ by June 1st
  • Available for 9 weeks
  • Into hiking, ropes, climbing..
  • Ready for an adventure

Do you...

  • Have experience being a Scout or Guides leader
  • Hold a Duke of Edinburgh Award
  • Have any mountain experience

Ready to...

  • Spend your summer in America
  • Travel to NY, LA and more
  • Gain a valuable addition to your CV

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Outdoor Adventure Specialist Jobs at Summer Camp

Outdoor Adventure jobs are perfect for you if you love the outdoors and have a sense of adventure.  Camps are looking for amazing people to lead camping, hiking and mountain biking.  Surround yourself with the great outdoors! You could even become a hiking specialist or trip leader while at camp.

Camps in America are surrounded by the country’s best woodland trails, breathtaking scenery and clean air. From short overnight trips to four weeks or even taking campers on day hikes. Your summer will be spent exploring the outdoors and there is plenty to see and do! Do you know your butterfly from your square knot? How to start a campfire? Or even how the best campfire recipes? Being an outdoor adventure specialist means putting all of these skills into play.

Each role will be varied from camp to camp as well as the location and facilities. However, you can guarantee that the outdoors will be a big part of your summer!

Lead Camping and Outdoor Trips!

Every day at camp is a little different from the one before, but that’s part of the fun at camp! Leading Hiking and Outdoor Adventure trips at Summer Camp means you’ll find yourself planning out exciting hikes. As well as this you’ll be leading groups of campers, setting up campsites, and outdoor cooking.

You’re responsible for keeping all the campers safe and making sure they’re having as much fun as possible. You’ll also have plenty of opportunities to get involved in all the fun and excitement that camp has to offer. From spending time around campfires tucking into traditional camp food to getting competitive at Colour War, there’s always something going on!

What Qualifications Would I Need?

Every camp in America is looking to hire staff with qualifications if possible, so if you have a Mountain Leader Award or a similar qualification, then you’ll be in high demand!

If you’ve taken part in the Duke of Edinburgh award and want to put it to good use (especially Gold!), then this could just be the perfect role for you. Experience working with Scouts or Guides groups would also look great on your application.

If you don’t have any qualifications, but you love hiking and adventures, then you could find yourself supporting more experienced hiking leaders and learning the ropes of leadership!

Hiking & Trip Leader

As a hiking and trip leader, you’ll Take campers around exciting trails and hikes. Camp under the stars and explore off the beaten track this summer.

Outdoor Cooking

If cooking over an open fire is your thing, you’re going to want to be an outdoor cooking specialist this summer! From smores to baked potatoes, everything tastes better over the camp fire!

Camping Leader

Tents, camp fires and trails! As a camping leader, you’ll be participating in overnight camping trips with your campers. If you loved completing your DoE, this is the role for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need any Outdoor Qualifications for this role?

No you don’t.  Camps want people who are into outdoor adventure. This could be camping, hiking, mountain biking and so on. If you have skills like outdoor cooking, being able to put up a tent, map reading then you’d be even more incredible for this role.

If you do have a Mountain Leader award or similar, you’ll be even more in demand and may be asked to lead the activities. You’d most likely be made a Specialist/Advanced Skills Counsellor.

What do I do next?

Simply click this APPLY NOW link. Begin your application and we’ll call you to chat over your summer and get you your dream camp!

What does the job involve?

Camps all operate differently, but most camps involve outdoor cookouts, overnight camping, hiking trips and adventure weekends.  Some camps operate wilderness trips and longer 1-3 week trips away.  There are lots of options but on the whole you’ll be doing the things you love and helping the children to have amazing summer adventures.

Will I get chance to take part in other activities?

Yes. In between leading outdoor adventure you’ll be an integral member of camp. Lead or join in chants, be part of the camp olympics, colour war and join in as part of the UK v ROW football match!

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