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  • 18+ by June 1st
  • Available for 9 weeks
  • Ready for a summer of adventure

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  • Want to teach tennis
  • Hold an LTA qualification or an Level 2+ coaching award
  • Have strong tennis skills

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  • Spend a summer in America
  • Travel to NYC, LA and more
  • Gain a valuable addition to your CV
  • Serve up a summer of fun!


Being a Tennis Coach at Camp!

Spend your summer out on the court this summer as tennis coach in America! If you’ve ever thought about a role as a tennis coach at summer camp, discover how you can level up your coaching experience this summer.

Tennis is a very big part of a lot of camps schedules and the majority of camps will run an advanced tennis coaching program. While some camps will focus on enjoying the game of tennis, there are also plenty of specialist coaching camps that aim to develop and challenge campers tennis skills.

Work abroad this summer and get paid to be a tennis coach in America! In addition, not only develop your tennis coaching skills but also your own tennis abilities. If you are LTA qualified or even have experience at a tennis club you’ll be perfect as a tennis coach in America.

What are the facilities like at camp?

Tennis facilities are bigger and better than your average sports centre! No expense is spared when it comes to the tennis courts at summer camp.  Of course, each camp is different but there are quite often more than three tennis courts at camp.  Some camps host pre-camp or post-camp Tennis Academies which is an additional way to gain experience as a tennis coach.

How do I apply?

We have a simple application process. Simply click here to begin your application. We’ll give you a ring, answer any questions and start to get your summer camp placement.   It’s FREE to make an application.  At camp you’ll be classed as an advanced skills counsellor, meaning you’ll get paid more salary by camp!

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Extend Your Summer Stay!

Experienced coaches could gain up to two years of experience in America. Camps are not only looking for coaches to work the summer season. There is the opportunity to work at camp past the summer period for up to two years. You’ll be able to develop your tennis coaching abilities past summer in a full-time position.

Every opportunity starts with a summer at camp!

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Qualified tennis instructors will make over $2,000 for the summer!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I become a Tennis Coach?

If you’re a strong Tennis player and want a career in coaching, then it may be best to go onto the LTA Website for more information.   If you play at a local Tennis club then they may be a great place to ask as well.

I don't have an LTA Level 1/2 qualification. Can I still go to camp?

Yes.  You may want to become qualified, and being qualified may give you a more advanced skill position at camp, however USA Summer Camp is looking for people who enjoy sport or Tennis.  Some of the best lessons children can have are fun ones, that they have a great laugh to.  There’s a role for everyone at camp.

What does the job involve?

As a Tennis Coach at camp you’ll be playing the sport you love playing every day!  Depending on your role at camp you’ll be teaching and coaching Tennis to different groups, different ages and different abilities.  You may be able to introduce your own techniques, games and fun activities to the campers.

You’ll have a full role at camp and can get involved in all other activities like water sports or go karting.  You can see a Typical Day at camp here.

Can I earn more money?

Some camps have Pre and Post camp, where they may get specialist groups in. Tennis is a big part of this.  There’s a great chance to do this and earn more money every week you do these extra hours.

Note: that this can be camp dependent and isn’t guaranteed.

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