Girl Power! We have Girl Scout Summer Camps all Over America
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Girl Scout Summer Camp

Girl Power! We have Girl Scout Summer Camps all Over America

What’s a Girl Scout Summer Camp?

Building courage, confidence, and character is the mission of every Girl Scout Summer Camp.

The environment is empowering for the girls because it helps them come out of their comfort zone and find themselves.

There’s usually a leadership program for the older campers, which will give them a path to becoming a Camp Counselor.

At a Girl Scout Summer Camp, there’s a real focus on developing leadership and communication skills! #GirlPower

Typical Day at a Girl Scout Camp

The set up of a Girl Scout Summer Camp is pretty much the same as a lot of other camps.

The campers will have the chance to develop their skills and try out lots of different camp activities.

There will be a lot of different activities happening throughout the day, so you’ll be busy!

A typical day at camp will also see the whole camp come together to play games and take part in performances.

USA Summer Camp’s Jess Toogood worked at a Girl Scout Camp and shared her experience on a Blog post.

Jobs at a Girl Scout Camp

All the traditional jobs are available at Girl Scout Summer Camps too: Camp Counselor, Specialist, and Support.

Because of the focus on helping the campers grow their skills, you’ll need to be a great role model.

Whatever job role you work in, you’ll be making a real difference to the campers.

As they grow and learn new things, you’ll find out just how much of a rewarding job working at camp is!

Apply to Work at Summer Camp

To bag the best summer of your life and work at a Girl Scout Camp, apply for Summer Camp today!

You’ll join the more than 40,000 people we’ve helped send to camp, so you’re in good hands.


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