Usually children from less fortunate backgrounds. A great set of camps to help others.
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Underprivileged Summer Camp

Usually children from less fortunate backgrounds. A great set of camps to help others.

What’s an Underprivileged Summer Camp?

An underprivileged Summer Camp offers the camp experience to campers who need a summer of respite.

The campers come from a wide range of backgrounds and they all benefit from a change of scenery.  They’re in a position where they can’t afford to pay to go to summer camp, so their place is state-funded.

These underprivileged camps offer campers the chance to spend time outdoors and learning new skills.  The campers get the chance to form meaningful relationships in a supportive community.

Typical Day at a Summer Camp

These camps run in exactly the same way as any other camp. They will have a huge focus on teaching activity skills and life skills that they can utilise when they go home after camp.

Every day at Summer Camp in America is a bit different from the one before. A typical day at camp will see you taking part in lots of camp activities with the campers and having fun!

There might also be sessions in a classroom setting to help the campers develop their key skills. The camp will come together as one to take part in games after the day’s over too.

Get a Job at Summer Camp

Working at an underprivileged Summer Camp is a really rewarding way to spend a summer.

You’ll be having a major impact on the lives of the campers that you work with.

You’ll feel really proud as you see the campers develop their skills and make new friends!

The three main camp jobs are on offer: Camp Counselor, Specialist Counselor, and Support Staff.

Whatever job you do, you’re there to help make sure the campers have the best summer possible.

Apply to Work at Summer Camp

Helping those less fortunate is an incredible experience and you could be part of it.

The best summer of your life is waiting for you in America, so apply for camp today!

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