Program Eligibility

Do I have to be a student to go to camp?

If you want to work as a Camp Counselor at Summer Camp in America, you don’t need to be a student at University.

Find out more about becoming a Camp Counselor here.

If you’re looking for a Support Staff role then you need to be a student currently enrolled in a Degree length course with a minimum duration of two years.

Find out more about Support Staff jobs here.

Do I have to live in the UK?

To be eligible for the programme, you need to live in one of the following: the UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, or Iceland.

USA Summer Camp have offices based in the UK and Ireland, but we have team members in the countries listed above.

Do I need experience working with children?

Any experience you have working with children will be a bonus – from voluntary groups, sports clubs, or work experience – but it’s not totally necessary. Even having a younger sibling can help your profile stand out!

Camps typically hire people based on their personality and their skills. So if you’re an expert football coach, trainable or qualified lifeguard, or you have another specialist skill then Summer Camps will be interested in hiring you.

There’s more information about the activities on offer at Summer Camp here.

I have a US Passport, can I still go to camp?

Amazing!  Of course, we welcome applicants with US citizenship. Ultimately we still get you a summer in America, a camp placement, you come to all our pre departure orientation and get our expert service.  You won’t need a visa to go over to the US, so you’ll save money by not needing a US Embassy appointment!

How old do I need to be to work at Summer Camp?

You need to be at least 18 years old by 1st June in the year that you’re looking to go and work at Summer Camp in America.

If you’re between 18 and 30 years old then we can definitely help you get out to America this summer.

What date do I need to be available for?

We work with more than 500 Summer Camps in America, and they all start on different dates, so there’s no one right answer to this question.

Generally, if you’re available between June and September then you’re likely to be able to go and work at Summer Camp. The earlier you’re available the better!

The absolute latest date you must be available by is 15th June as this is the latest date that camps we work with get started. Similarly, you need to be able to work in America until at least the 15th of August.

Camps run for 9-12 weeks, and you need to be available for the full duration.

Can I go to camp with a friend?

We get asked this question a lot, but it’s something that we simply can’t guarantee will happen.

Ultimately, hiring decisions are left to the camps and who they hire is down to the positions that they’re recruiting for and the skills that applicants highlight on their profile. This means camps normally hire individuals rather than pairs or groups of people.

In most cases, friends will end up working at different Summer Camps and then meet up to travel together during the 30 grace period after camp finishes.

There’s more information about travelling after camp here.

Can I go if I have a criminal background or health conditions?

When we call you for your first telephone interview, we will discuss these issues with you if you do have a criminal background or health conditions. Depending on your situation, we will be able to discuss this case by case and assess the best plan of action.

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